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Volunteers for the Defence of Civil Protest and the Right of Assembly

The original idea behind the Legal Defence And Monitoring Group was to form legal back up on demonstrations in and around London (Britain), especially in light of the CJA. Working in the same way as the Trafalgar Square Defendants Campaign (TSDC) during the Poll Tax demos, the main LDMG roles are:
  • To monitor police behaviour on demonstrations & pickets.
  • To give unconditional support to anyone arrested or injured.
  • To provide sympathetic solicitors to those people arrested who want one.
  • To assist anybody assaulted by the police or wrongly arrested to sue the police.
  • To monitor court cases and provide support to those held on remand.
Our first practical experience on the streets was in March 1995, and we have regularly monitored demos since then - on average around 2 events a month. Each costs around £150 for such things as mobile phone and walkie-talkie hire, printing, travelling costs for Legal Observers etc.

The LDMG is funded by donations and fund raising events, and has no paid workers - only volunteers.

How to Get Involved

We need as many volunteers to help as possible. You can get involved with the LDMG by helping to monitor demonstrations, attend courts to take notes, fund raise or help in the office. There are lots of opportunities for anyone to be involved, and training will be provided for people who are not 100% confident with certain things (staffing the phones, effective monitoring etc.). Please offer us your time in any way possible.

For more information about us, or for copies of our leaflets contact us at: BM Box HAVEN, London, WC1N 3XX

Email: ldmg@riseup.net

Please supply a stamp-addressed envelope if you are writing to request information.

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